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5 people who need a tablet

As tablets have gotten more powerful, they've gone from interesting novelty to a must-have gadget for many people. Of course, there are still plenty of tech users who don't see the need for one, or don't think they'll use it.


If you're one of those people and you haven't looked at tablets in a year or two, it's time for another look. Today we're going to talk about five types of people who should consider buying a tablet this holiday season, and what tablets will work best.


1. You need a new computer


Computer prices have fallen substantially to the point you can pick up a laptop for as little as $200. Still, it's going to be slow, bulky and only good for the most basic computer tasks. Even at $300 to $400, you aren't anywhere near the top of the line.


If you're after a budget computer, you might be better off with a tablet. For the same price, it can handle any basic task you throw at it, from Web browsing, Facebook and email to casual games, streaming video and more. Plus, it's much more portable than a laptop with a longer battery life, so you can use it on the couch, in bed, or on the go. Learn more about how a tablet could be a better buy than a new computer.


If the reason you're sticking with a computer is because you need Windows, tablets with Windows 10 are now powerful enough and cheap enough to work for you. The KomandoTab2 we sell in the Komando Shop is a perfect example. It's a full Windows computer in a tablet-size package, and it even comes with a keyboard case for those times you need to type something long and the on-screen keyboard won't cut it. Check it out and you'll be impressed. Oh, and if you buy today and use promo code SAVE10, you'll save 10%.


2. You're afraid of computers


The reason a number of people don't even have a computer in 2015 is because they're afraid of them. Let's be honest, computers are complicated when you're first learning them, and it is easy to press the wrong button and do something you didn't mean to. It's easy to do that even after using them for years!


Plus, you have to think about security, find programs to use, set up webcams, printers and other hardware; it's more than some people want to handle. There's nothing wrong with not owning a computer, but it does mean you miss out on instant access to information online, and cool ways to communicate with friends and family like Facebook or video chat.



If you find computers scary, a tablet is a much better option. Touch screens are easier to learn than a keyboard and mouse; mobile operating systems are built for simplicity; there's much less worry about security; and most of the basic apps you need are installed from the beginning.


We know plenty of people who never had a use for computers, but when given a tablet they almost won't put it down. If you or someone you know is afraid of computers, try a tablet and see what happens.


An iPad is usually considered the best option in this situation since it's the easiest to use, but Android has gotten much easier over the years as well. See how Apple and Android tablets stack up in our handy tablet comparison chart.

3. You're in business or school


In the worlds of business and education, the standard gadget is the laptop. It's versatile, portable and great for typing up notes and papers. Plus, you usually need standard software like Microsoft Office that only works on PC or Mac.


Of course, laptops are still bulky and a pain to carry around campus to classes, or to pull out in the boardroom. A tablet would be more convenient, but until recently a tablet couldn't compete. But then a few things changed.



First, Bluetooth keyboards got more widespread, which meant that tablet users aren't stuck trying to type long assignments on an on-screen keyboard. Also, Microsoft started its cloud version of Office and finally released good Office apps for Apple and Android gadgets.


For people who still need Windows, Windows tablets have finally become powerful enough to essentially be smaller laptops. The Microsoft Surface line spearheaded this a year ago, although they fall toward the expensive side.


Now, for less than $300 you can find a Windows 10 tablet, like the KomandoTab2, that will match the power of any basic laptop at a fraction of the size. And it runs a full version of Windows so any programs you need to use, it can handle. Plus, the included keyboard case means that typing up a report or taking notes is no problem.


4. You travel


Whether you're on the road or a plane, a tablet is a good travel companion, especially a smaller tablet like the iPad mini. You can watch movies, read eBooks, play games, and, if it has cellular or you're near Wi-Fi, you can get online. The battery will last six to 10 hours.


Despite all a tablet can do, however, it's light and slip easily into a bag, and it sits well on a tray table. You don't even need to take it out of your bag for security checks. If you're still taking a laptop on your trips because you do some typing and like having a keyboard, get a keyboard case that includes a physical keyboard


5. You need a second computer

Do you have a child, grandchild or other family member who is hogging your computer? You'd get them their own, but that's hundreds of dollars you might not have to spend.