How to Download New Drivers for Benss Fingerprint Scanner

(Windows 10)

Step 1- Download the ZIP file with the link below

If the automatic installation fails, please manually download and install the driver .

Drive download Link:

Step 2- Click Extract all

Step 3- Click Extract

Step 4- The file is now extracted.

Step 5- Press the Windows button at the bottom left of the screen and click on setting

Step 6- Search for "Device Manager"

Step 7- Click on "Biometric Devices" near the top. 

Step 8- Right Click on "Goodix fingerprint"

Step 9- Click on "Update Driver"

Step 10- Click on “Browse my computer for driver software

Step 11- Click on Browse

Step 12- Find the file which had been download called “UA002 Fingerprint USB Drive(Support Windows 10) Newest”

Step 13- Click “OK”

That should be the new drivers installed. Any problems contact us by email: