After-Sale Service

For all respected users:
Thank you for choosing China’s high-quality brand tablet PC.

Important Declaration
1. Before using the PC, please read all information provided by us first so that you can use this product correctly. Please make sure that you have read this manual carefully before using this product.
2. Our company reserves the copyright of this manual, any random duplication or interpretation of the full or partial manual is forbidden in commercial activities.
3. The information covered in this manual is all based on the latest information when compiling the manual, and products are subject to change without notice for further improvement. We are not committed to any mistakes or incidences caused by the manual. For additional product information, visit the company’s web site.
4. When using this product, please make backup for the data by yourself and this company will just be responsible for the product's hardware itself, and will not undertake any responsibility for any loss or damage of personal data and information due to wrong operations of hardware.

This manual includes important information on safety precautions and proper usage of this product. To prevent any accident, please make sure that you have read this manual carefully before using this product.
1. Do not keep this product in a place with a high temperature, humidity or too much dust. Especially do not place this product in a car with all windows closed in summer, and keep out direct sunlight.
2. Avoid dropping or shocking this product heavily and avoid shaking the TFT display violently, otherwise, the TFT display may be damaged or cannot play correctly.
3. Please choose a suitable volume. Avoid excessively high volume when using a headset. If you feel any ear noise, please decrease the volume or stop using.
4. Do not break the connection suddenly when this product is conducting formatting, uploading or downloading operations, otherwise there may be program errors.
5. This company will not undertake any responsibility for any memory loss due to product damage, repairing or other reasons.
6. Do not dissemble this product by yourself and do not clean the surface of this product with alcohol, thinner or benzene.
7. Do not use this product in a place where the using of electronic device is prohibited, such as on a plane.
8. Do not use this product while driving a car or walking on the street, otherwise traffic accident may occur.

This Company reserves the right to make any improvement on this product. No further notice will be provided on any variation on the specification and design of this product!